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Gold Buyers from Dubai

Kadir Shekh


I’m Mr. George Virgin from the USA. I’m very proud to deliver this testimonial on Entebbe Gold Mining Pty Ltd THAT SELLS GOLD IN CONGO. They don’t only sell gold but they are changing the lives of Congo citizens. They are creating as many job opportunities as they can. I’m the spokesperson of one of many charity organizations that has been sponsored by this company. You just visit their website and you’ll get what you want and change Congo for good.


George Virgin

United States

My name is Mrs. Tatiyana Medison from London. I’m about to talk about gold bought in the best company in Congo. There are many companies that are claiming to sell good gold but they are illegal. It’s rare to find companies like Entebbe Gold Mining Pty Ltd where you buy without fear because you know you’re working with legal people who will give you everything legally. They are having about 200kg of quality gold a month. It doesn’t end there, there are so many good things you must know about them.

Mrs. Tatiyana Madison