Before buying gold, we like to test the glittering pieces and every has his personal way to test the authenticity of this gold, silver or platinum. Gold is bought in the form of gold jewelry, gold bars or gold nuggets and is measured in karat. You can find 10K to 24K gold, that is considered because the purest form of this metal. Gold testing method checking the density of gold  in a strong mass and there are numerous approaches to determine the karats of this steel in a gold jewelry, gold coin, gold bar or gold biscuit.

The home gold testing kits available in the market offer the most convenient method of testing the gold bars. The gold testing kit contains a rectangular stone and several bottles of colorful liquid. You will also get instructions on how to test gold using the kit. You would have seen jewelers using the black stone. Take the gold bar or gold biscuit you want to test. Rub that gold bar or natural gold nuggets over the stone so that it leaves its mark. But don’t press it hard as it can break. After scratching the mark on the stone, pour a few drops of liquid on the stretch mark and see the reaction. This is the most trusted and widely used method for testing this metal. Jewelers use it and now you can also learn how to test it with the help of the kit.

Modern tri-digital gold testing equipment’s have an in-built micro processor that determines the extent of purity in gold bar or gold nuggets. These digital gold testing machines squeeze a drop of gel from probe on the jewelry being examined and show the result in the shape of karat and percentage of gold. The machines are to be had at low priced prices and come with a warranty by means of the producing agencies ensuring powerful and sincere effects forever. Professionals in addition to amateurs ought to perform gold testing using those machines. To prevent any hassle, remember to examine the tips on how to test this valuable gold bars.

In the coming years, we can expect equipment’s that would work like an X-ray machine and test the gold by sending some rays across the piece in question. Presently people are more concerned about how to test gold for its authenticity rather than knowing the exact karat value. But when it comes to selling gold then the karat value of gold bar for sale becomes important. In international market, gold is valued in karats hence high karat gold attracts maximum price. Next time you buy gold bars or buying gold nuggets, note how many karats of gold it has.

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